Technologies Developed & Transfered

Water Analysis Kit :
A one piece kit for physico-chemical and bacteriological analysis of water to determine the drinking water quality from public health point of view in rural areas.
Mobile Laboratory Van :
A mobile water quality testing laboratory for physico chemical and bacteriological assessment of potable water in villages and remote areas.
Amrit Kumbh :
It is a household low cost water filtration assembly to combat the problems of water borne diseases particularly in rural areas. The disinfection process is based on physico-chemical principles and does not change the minerals in water.
CD-Strip :
A colour detection strip for the detection of Butter yellow, a carcinogenic dye in mustard oil. It can be used by the housewives as well as for random preliminary checks by the health authorities.

Bact-O-Kill :
An electronic device for disinfection of water.

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