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Mandatory Registration in DGS&D by Indian Agents of Foreign Suppliers.

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It is brought to the notice of all that CSIR-IITR has switched to digital mode of receipts & payments w.e.f. January 01, 2017. All payments to parties will be made through online mode only and also no receipts due to the institute will be accepted in cash/cheque/DD mode. Thus, in order to facilitate those who want to pay any kind of fee like tender fee, E.M.D, Security, testing charges, application fee etc. a challan form can be downloaded from the link given below. After filling, the challan form in triplicate can be produced to any branch of SBI for depositing the money into the institute's account. As a proof of deposition, the institute's copy of the challan can be remitted to the office of Controller of Administration, CSIR-IITR before the due date (wherever applicable).

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Sr. No.निविदानिर्देश संख्यासमापन तिथि और समयबोली खोलने की तिथि और समयडाउनलोड
1 "जीएएस क्रोमाटोग्राफ सिस्टम" की आपूर्ति के लिए पात्र बोलीदाताओं से दो भागों में मुहरबंद बोली आमंत्रित हैंBID NO. 02/FE/PUR/SPS/17-18(18)26/12/2017 14:3026/12/2017 15:00 निविदा दस्तावेज़
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