Bio-Innovation for Environmental and Health Sustainable Developments (BEHSD-2018)


The works presented in the conference, as invited/oral talks and posters, will be published in the Special Issue of following journals (standard peer-review process of the journals will be followed).

Bioresource Technology

Carbon Resources
Conversion (CRC)

ASCE Journal of
Environmental Engineering

Environmental Science and
Pollution Research (ESPR)

Indian Journal of
Experimental Biology (IJEB)

Journal of Energy and
Environmental Sustainability (JEES)

Each registered delegate can submit one manuscript in pre-selected journal. Choice of journal must be indicated in abstract submission/registration form. For BITE, CRC, ASCE-JEE and ESPR, submission should be made online on journal homepage and for IJEB and JEES, by email to Authors must mention registration number provided by the conference organizers in the covering letter and also must state that work was presented in the conference.