Knowledge Resource Center (Library)

Library and Toxicology Information Centre of IITR serves as an excellent information resource in the field of toxicology in the country.
About 30,000 books, journals, reports on varied scientific topics-from science and technology to microbiology, from biochemistry to environmental health are available along with:

Reference sources like Handbooks, Directories, Encyclopedia and Directories
Databases on CD-ROM: POISINDEX, CHEMBANK, ASTM Standards
A rich collection of 175 International and National Periodicals
Library subscribes 108 International and National current periodicals in the field of toxicology. The core journals of toxicology like Toxicology, toxicology & Applied Pharmacology, Toxicology Letters, Environmental Research, Arch Environmental Contamination Toxicology are available from vol. 1 to present. In addition to this we also subscribe four online journals and two CD-ROM databases.
Under the Electronic Information Facility the access to full text e-journals over 3500 nos. published by Elsevier, Blackwell, Wiley, Oxford, University Press,American Chemical Society, Springer, Cambridge University Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, Taylor & Francis and Emerald are being provided to all the scientists & technical staff of the institution on their desk-top computers.

This unit also housed the Environmental Information System (ENVIS), a Distributed Information Centre on Toxic Chemicals established by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India, New Delhi Library & Toxicology Information Centre provides information on toxic chemicals and their effects on the environment and human, their management, regulation, etc. to individuals, universities private and public sector organizations, regulatory agencies and government organizations.
The laboratory has established linkage with several international agencies like WHO, UNDP, USEPA and USFDA and is serving as the National correspondent of International Registry of Potentially Toxic Chemicals of UNEP.
With the help of several databases on compact disks and also the other collection available with us we have been handling technical inquires received from industries, Government and NGOs seeking information or toxicological effects of chemicals on the environment, management of poisoning cases caused by various poisons/chemicals and regulatory toxicology information etc. Status reports on toxicology of different chemicals are also prepared on demand. Abstracting services, in-house bulletin & other Current Awareness Services are also brought out.

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