Scientific Staff

Dr. Yogeshwer Shukla
Chief Scientist
Food, Drug & Chemical Toxicology
CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
Vishvigyan Bhawan, 31, Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Lucknow - 226 001. Uttar Pradesh, India.
Email: yshukla[at] | Alternate Email: yogeshwer_shukla[at]
Tel: +91-522-2217497 | Extension: 648
Fax: 522-2628227

Areas of Specialization
Cancer Proteomics, Experimental Carcinogenesis, Genotoxicity, Cancer Chemoprevention
Current R&D/S&T Activities

  • Proteomics Prospects in Evaluation of Toxic/Carcinogenic Potential of Pesticides.
  • Plasma Proteomics for Novel Biomarker Development Against Specific Cancer Types.
  • Evaluation and Intervention of Genotoxic Potential of Pesticides.Nutritional Genomics and Proteomics in Cancer Chemoprevention.Studies on Genotoxic Potential of Environmental Pollutants.
  • Expression and Repression Studies on Oncogenes during Experimental Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention.

Summary of Research

  • Identified the genotoxic and carcinogenic risk associated with number of pesticides viz. Mancozeb, Carbaryl, Diuron Thiram, Propoxur, Deltamethrin, Cypermethrin etc using in vivo longterm bioassay and in vitro models and studied their mechanism of action.
  • Studied the cancer chemopreventive potential of phytochemicals namely, Diallyl sulfide, indole-3-Carbinol, resveratrol, Black and green tea polyphenols, Bromelain, Lupeol, etc.
  • Identification and validation of proteomics signatures of carcinogenic pesticides.
  • Plasma Proteomics of breast cancer among North Indian Population.

Partial List of Research Publications
Awards/Honours/ Distinctions

  • Best   Young  Scientist  of   the   Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (IITR), Lucknow for the  year 1987 - 1988
  • Fellowship of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France and National Institute of Environmental Health Studies, USA (1988)
  • Awarded by the Indian Society of Health, Environment, Education and Research, for contributions in field of Cancer Chemoprevention (2002)
  • Selected Fellow of Society of Toxicology of India (2002)
  • Elected Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS), New Delhi
  • Elected Member of National Academy of Sciences  (MNASc), Allahabad
  • Elected General Secretary, Environmental Mutagen Society of India
  • Elected General Secretary, Society of Toxicology, India
  • Elected Member, International Society of Tea Sciences
  • Secretary General, Society of Toxicology (India) during 2004-2006
  • Secretary, Environmental Mutagen Society of India 2003-2007
  • Council Member, Proteomics Society of India

Fellowships /Membership of Professional bodies

  • Fellow, Society of Toxicology, India
  • Fellow, Academy of Environmental Biology (India)
  • Elected Member, National Academy of Medical Sciences, (New Delhi)
  • Elected Member, National Academy of Sciences (Allahabad)
  • Life Member, Indian Association for Cancer Research
  • Life Member, Society of Toxicology, India
  • Life Member, Environmental Mutagen Society of India
  • Life Member, Proteomics Society of India

Membership of Editorial Boards

  • Cancer Letters (Editorial Board Member)
  • Toxicology & Applied Pharmacology (Editorial Board Member)
  • Journal of Proteomics (Editorial Board Member)
  • Proteomics (Editorial Board Member)
  • Journal of Proteomics & Bioinformatics (Regional Editor-in-Chief)

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