Scientific Staff

Dr. Vinod Praveen Sharma
Chief Scientist
Regulatory Toxicology
CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
Vishvigyan Bhawan, 31, Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Lucknow - 226 001. Uttar Pradesh, India.
Email: vpsharma[at] | Alternate Email: vpsitrc1[at]
Tel: +91-522-2217497 | Extension: 704
Fax: 522-2628227

Areas of Specialization
Plastic and Polymer Toxicology
Current R&D/S&T Activities

Basic Research

Plastic could pose health risks to the users due to the migration of chemical additives, which are used to impart the unique properties to plastics such as lightweight, flexibility and colour. Migration of Phthalic acid esters used as plasticizers and Organomettalic stabilizers from the packaging material into stored in food material and biological fluids have been reported. In order to minimize the risk of migration from the finished plastic safer plasticizer cum stabilizer complexes were developed. It is anticipated that the migration form the finished plastics will be minimal since the size of the molecule would be large enough to be located in the matrix of the molecule bonded with Vander Wall forces.

Series of new plasticizer cum stabilizer complexes (5 No’s ) with the potential of providing plasticizer and stabilizer properties were synthesized from Phthalic acid esters (PAEs) which are used as plasticizers and R3SnX, organotin compounds which are commonly used as stabilizers. These were identified and characterized by standard physico-chemical techniques. The newly synthesized complexes exhibited low order of toxicity as determined by lethal dose (LD50) in comparison to phthalate or organotin compounds individually. Further, the degree of migration of the plasticizer-stabilizer complexes from finished plastic sheets was significantly low. The plastic sheets fabricated using PVC resin 613 with these complexes at DMSRDE; Kanpur showed that mono-butyl tri-butyl tin phthalate (MBTBTP) and mono-octyl tri-butyl tin phthalate (MOTBTP) were best to provide acceptably degree of physico-chemical properties with respect to clarity of plastic sheets, texture, odour, tensile strength, and percentage elongation. The migrational and biological behavior from the plastic sheets fabricated from plasticizer-stabilizer complex and PVC resin 613 has also been determined. The process for the synthesis of plasticizer-stabilizer complexes for the manufacture of plastics was patented [Patent No. 177873, Feb. 22, 1997].

Applied Research

Quality Management System implementation [IS/ISO/IEC 17025:2005] and R&D work related to suitability assessment of finished plastics and polymeric product(s) and other areas of institutional priority. Based on the R&D studies of our group on the safety assurance of the plastic and polymeric materials, suitable specifications have been developed and updated for testing of products used in packaging and storage of food materials, drugs, life saving fluids, cosmetics, transportation of water, etc. In addition to this there is active participation in twelfth five year plan related to Certified Reference Material (CRMs), water and environmental health.

Compliance to NABL/Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) is the key to international acceptance of safety data/reports on industrial and consumable products. Harmonized protocols and test procedures with compliance to QMS improve mutual acceptance of data/reports and avoid technical barriers to the international trade. It eliminates the ground for expensive repetitions and expedites regulatory decisions which in-turn benefits both the society and the industry. Regulatory toxicology capability with good QMS compliance is the global requirement and upcoming R&D based venture considering its cost effectiveness in India. I am looking after the same as Quality Manager for NABL activity and Head Quality Assurance of in process GLP activities at CSIR-IITR, Lucknow.

Partial List of Research Publications
Awards/Honours/ Distinctions

Membership of Professional/Scientific Societies:

  • Association of Food Scientists & Technologists, Mysore.
  • Indian Academy of Neuroscience
  • Indian Chemical Society
  • Indian Council of Chemists
  • Indian Science Congress Association
  • Indian Academy of Science
  • Indian Pharmacological Society
  • International Society for Environmental Protection
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists
  • Bombay Natural History Society (15977/2010)
  • The Society for Polymer Science (India)
  • Maulana Azad Memorial Society
  • Society of Biological Chemists
  • Society of Toxicology (India)
  • The Academy of Environmental Biology
  • Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology, U.P.
  • International Society of Environmental Protection Gorakhpur, U.P.
  • Bioved Research & Communication Centre.
  • Society of Toxicology, USA
  • New York Academy of Sciences, New York
  • Society of Earth Scientists
  • Molecular  Cellular Cognition Society [MCCS]

Membership of  Technical/Professional Committees:

  • Business Development Group of ITRC
  • Member, Management Council, ITRC
  • Stores Disposal and Condemnation Committee, ITRC.
  • National Children and Science Congress
  • Member of Synthetic Milk Committee of Govt. of Uttar Pradesh
  • Bureau of Indian Standards Plastics Sectional Committee (PCD 12)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards Industrial Safety and Chemical Hazards Sectional Committee (CHD 8)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards Industrial Safety and Chemical Hazards Sectional Committee (CHD 13) 
  • Bureau of Indian Standards Water Quality Sectional Committee (CHD 7)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards Plastic Piping Systems Sectional Committee (CED 50)
  • Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee of United Nation on Food additives and Contaminants for 2007-2011 by Ministry of Agriculture and co-operation (IC Division) and WHO.
  • Quality Manager CSIR-IITR, Lucknow wef 1stJanuary 2011.
  • Vigyan Prasar [47079/47656]
  • Head, Quality Assurance, Good Laboratory Practice [GLP] Vishaktata Parikshan; GLP Anuroop Suvidha at CSIR-IITR, Lucknow

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