Scientific Staff

Dr. Raja Gopal Rayavarapu
Principal Scientist
Systems Toxicology & Health Risk Assessment
CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
Vishvigyan Bhawan, 31, Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Lucknow - 226 001. Uttar Pradesh, India.
Email: rajagopal[at]iitr[dot]res[dot]in | Alternate Email: rajarayavarapu[at]
Tel: +91-522-2217497 | Extension: 671
Fax: 522-2628227
Areas of Specialization
Nanotechnology: Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro toxicity of Metal Nanoparticles
Current R&D/S&T Activities

Nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary branch that is applied as a tool for several technological advancements. Nanoparticles are defined as those materials that are in the size range of 1 nm to 100 nm and are invisible to naked eye. The properties of nanoparticles are different from the bulk of the same material due to the change in their size/shape/surface area/surface charge etc. Many factors govern the nanoparticle potential for their use in technology or health related sectors.


In our laboratory, the core research is based on developing nanoparticles with defined sizes and shapes and further evaluating their safety on cancer cell lines in order to determine their safety and possible potential of these nanomaterials for consumer use. Broad approach of the research work in the lab constitutes the following:

1. Synthesis 2. Characterization 3. In Vitro toxicity studies 4. Bioconjugation of affinity molecules to nanoparticles 5. In Vivo animal studies for biodistribution of the synthesized nanoparticles 6. Cell-Nanoparticle interactions 7. Novel synthetic approaches of nanomaterials for health sector.

Currently we synthesize noble metal (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium/Copper/iridium) nanoparticles and further study their in vitro toxicity on several cancer cell lines.


Partial List of Research Publications
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