Scientific Staff

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Satija
Developmental Toxicology
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
P.O. Box 80,
M.G. Marg
Lucknow-226001, India
Email: neerajsatija[at]iitr[dot]res[dot]in | Alternate Email:
Tel: 522-2613786 Extension: 255
Fax: 522-2628227
Area of Specialization
Hematotoxicology, Developmental Toxicology, Stem Cell Biology
Current R&D/S&T Activities

The blood system is highly dynamic in nature producing 1 to 3 million cells per second in order to maintain homeostasis throughout lifespan. These blood cells arise from a small number of “Hematopoietic stem cells” (HSCs) present in specialized pockets called the niche which regulate HSC fate. This regulation operates via cell-cell, cell-matrix and ligand-receptor based interactions. We are interested in identifying and understanding the role of niche cells and secreted factors in the development and maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells, and how exposure to foreign compounds (xenobiotics) is likely to perturb hematopoietic function. 

Partial List of Research Publications
Awards/Honours/ Distinctions

  • Awarded Senior Research Associateship by CSIR, 2011
  • Awarded Senior Research Fellowship (Direct-SRF) by CSIR, 2007
  • Awarded Senior Research Fellowship (Direct-SRF) by ICMR, 2007 (Not availed)

Fellowship / Membership of Professional bodies

  •  International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

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