Scientific Staff

Dr. Chetna Singh
Principal Scientist
Developmental Toxicology
Indian Institute of Toxicology Research
P.O. Box 80,
M.G. Marg
Lucknow-226001, India
Email: chetna[at]iitr[dot]res[dot]in | Alternate Email:
Tel: 522-2613786 Extension: 342
Fax: 522-2628227
Area of Specialization
Molecular Toxicology Biochemical Pharmacology
Current R&D/S&T Activities

Molecular mechanism of pesticide induced cellular toxicityPesticides induce cellular toxicity in experimental animals and humans. Due to different chemical structure and mode of action, the mechanism of toxicity of commonly used pesticide might be different and needs to be elucidated. Genomics based approaches are used to understand the mechanism of toxicity induced by pesticides in order to understand the molecular basis of toxicity. Assessment of oxidative stress induced by pesticides is also being looked into. Studies are being done to develop signature fingerprints to elucidate the mechanism of pesticide induced cellular toxicity. Mechanism of neurodegeneration and neuroprotectionIn this program the mechanism of neurodegeneration and neuroprotection in animal models are being initiated using molecular tools. Studies also include search for single nucleotide polymorphism in genes involved in neurodegeneration and/or neuroprotection.

Partial List of Research Publications
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