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CSIR-IITR, dream of a visionary, became a reality in 1965 as Industrial Toxicology Research Centre (ITRC). The founder Director, Prof. Sibte Hasan Zaidi, could foresee the need to address health related work environment of the industrial workers in post independence era of rapid industrialization in the country. It was advocated that the improper and inadequate use of chemicals and fertilizers will have adverse effects on health and environment leading to an overall adverse impact on growth and development of the country. Hence studies were needed to develop strategies for sustainable industrial development. ITRC gained national importance by addressing the health problems of our industrial work force in a growing economy. Pioneering studies carried out during the formative years were directly linked to miners' health especially respiratory ailments.

Following a progressive evolutionary path, the institute adapted and grew from strength to strength with the addition of new activities and expertise. Today, research in Toxicology is at the crossroad of transformation from classical studies of animal experimentation and histopathological observations of animal tissues in late sixties, to state of the art omic and post-omic technologies in interdisciplinary areas of biology and chemistry. The concept of biomarkers, alternate to animal models, mathematical modelling, predictive toxicology, detection and development of methods for toxins/adulterants/environmental chemicals in different matrices are to name a few to make toxicology research intrinsic in protection of human health and environment. Rechristened as the CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research (CSIR-IITR) in 2008, the institute endeavours the research activities in new frontiers of toxicology considering the paradigm shifts in our understanding of human and environmental health. CSIR-IITR at present conducts research in niche areas of toxicology such as - Systems Toxicology & Health Risk Assessment; Food, Drug & Chemical Toxicology; Regulatory Toxicology; Environmental Toxicology and Nanotherapeutics & Nanomaterial Toxicology. The institute is poised to make an impact in understanding the mode of action of new chemical entities, engineered nanomaterials and genetically modified products on living systems for safe use of new technologies and sustainable development. To serve the industries better and towards acceptance of product safety globally, CSIR-IITR by virtue of its vast expertise in different facets of toxicological disciplines has been awarded NABL certification and very recently GLP certification.

CSIR-IITR website endeavours to provide a reflection of our mission in the new millennium.

Professor S.K. Barik

Director, CSIR-IITR

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